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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Allan Savory

Its all very well and possible and in fact great to improve the soil around your house with compost , but if you want to turn vast tracts of poor soil into productive soil with a higher level of carbon and therefore a great infiltration of water and a holding of that water like a just about need grazing animals. But not grazing any old how. They need to be managed . Holistically managed. Enter Allan Savory, a great man and a keen observer of nature.
In this speech, Allan takes us on a historical journey and points out that we would be struggling with climate change even if we had never discovered fossil fuels. By managing our live stock so that they mimic the way  grazing animals behave in the wild, we have a fantastically powerful tool to suck carbon out of the air and put it back into the soil where it use to be before  humans came along and , frankly, stuffed everything up.
This is an inspiring, well illustrated  talk which cuts across accepted beliefs. Allan reminds us we once believed the Earth was flat and it took 200 years to accept a new world view. Particularly important if you  believe you are doing something good for the planet by reducing or eliminating  meat consumption ...well, check this out   :
Allan Savory - Keeping Cattle: cause or cure for climate crisis? on Vimeo

Bobby Burns Worms

Hi All, I met this guy Robert Burns at Geoff Lawton’s place when I did my earthworks for water harvesting course. He was a woofa . I did notice his eyes were looking not quite at me when we talked. I now realise he is partially blind. I think his Ted X speech is one of the best I have seen and I urge you to give Bob Burns 15 mins of your time. Want to  ask him to be a tour guide on our farm. Enjoy.