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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Merri Bee Farmacy organic cooking fats : Tallow & Suet

Delicious, stable and nutrient-dense natural GOOD fat  from our own 100% grass-fed, free-range, organic , naturally raised sheep and  Jersey cows, free from the hormones and chemicals of factory farmed animals.
These golden fats are produced using our unique low-heat ceramic rendering and advanced fine-clarification system that allows our culinary oil to meet the highest standards to produce a pure, premium grass-fed cooking tallow. Similar products are very expensive but our tallow is the easily affordable healthy alternative to questionable fats and vegetable oils.

Tallow is an excellent cooking oil with high smoke point (420 degrees) stable at high temperatures, and does not create the free radicals that are a concern with vegetable oils.  ideal for frying, roasting, basting, sautéing and for using in place of butter or margarine in baking recipes.  Pure culinary tallow from grass fed stock is biologically compatible with our bodies largest organ, our skin. It contains  naturally occurring fat soluable Vitamins A, D, K, and E and important fats such as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), so  has anti-cancer , anti-inflammatory and  antimicrobial properties. One example of the importance of fat is that a diet high in grass fed cholesterol is a precursor for our skin to manufacture vitamin D instead of burning when exposed to sunlight. This vitamin promotes good sleep and fights cancer. Vitamin D in adequate amounts such that you maintain between 60 and 80 nanograms per ml of blood,  is nearly impossible to obtain from diet. Sun bathing in the middle of the day is essential to get enough Vitamin D to prevent cancer and other auto immune diseases. Yes, this contrasts with the usual health advice.  So, lo, we have discovered one reason for skyrocketing rates of skin cancer is indeed completely false information , parroted by well meaning health professionals who do not suspect this " information" is designed to promote, not prevent, disease. 
Vegetable oils and spreads such as canola and sunflower oils have replaced good fats in most households in recent times.  The Paleo, GAPs, Nourishing Traditions, WA Price and traditional real foods movements have rediscovered the key benefits that these nourishing fats play in our diets and their essential role in developing children’s bodies and brains. Our good fats can also be used topically, making a soothing balm for skin conditions such as eczema. Albeit somewhat messy, but to alleviate their children's suffering and allow the family a good night's sleep while promoting health, not destroying it with steroid creams...some are willing to  try.

                                                       From organic grass fed free range naturally reared hormone free stock
Our delicious lard is from none other than Merri Bee organic porkers who enjoy daily access to fresh pasture plus Demeter certified Biodynamic grain from our friends Terri and Dayle  at Eden Valley,  Dumbleyung. The pigs also thrive on surplus  Merri Bee fruit & veges  grown in our permaculture food forests. The pigs self harvest  tree fodders such as chestnuts, poplar, tagasaste, ash, willow and carob beans . We use only medicinal foods and herbs to treat injuries or ailments in our livestock, and adhere strictly to the Australian standards for organic produce, having been certified for 10 years with NASAA as an organic producer involved in several enterprises. Email us at   to be notified of our next market day. And bring your glass jar back for a refill of the good oil.