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Merri Bee Organic Seeds

Merri Bee Organic Seed Catalogue

The seeds we sell are produced on our  organic farm from plants we have found particularly good . They are the result of a long search for a great tasting vegetable that will grow in the hot  dry / cold wet conditions we experience here. If we can maintain them they must be tough! So these are seeds of productive, drought and disease resistant  plants, the plants that  have fed us over 3 decades  Nannup ( W.A., not Washington, in the Southwest of Western Austraila). 
We pride ourselves on the freshness of  short viability seed such as carrot and parsnip. 
These are open pollinated non hybrid seeds….meaning you can continue on the tradition by saving seeds for yourself. Select the best all round plant which has the traits you desire.
At Merri Bee Organic Farmacy we have over 100 species of fruit and nut growing in our  food forest so we are well placed to provide  the seed diversity necessary for a truly sustainable and self-reliant food system. We wish to supply urban and rural organic agriculture movements with an alternative to  industrially produced, corporate-owned seeds. It  is our hope that many gardeners will look to Merri Bee as a source for local seed sovereignty.
The seed revolution is underway as communities do what comes naturally — grow food, save seeds, and share the harvest. We're seeing the rebirth of seed saving as an essential part of home gardening and local resilience.
 If you have discovered a really useful Permaculture plant and saved its seeds, we want to hear from you!
The brassica  family include a  long list of vegetables, ( broccoli, cabbage,  kale, rocket, radish, pakchoy to name some) , and you will notice they include  the most nutritious vegetables you can eat, claimed particularly effective at preventing cancer. It is possible for Genetically Engineered canola, which is permitted in WA,  to hybridize with brassica vegetables by the agency of pollinating  insects. We will continue to keep vigilant regards this concern, but it is difficult and expensive to obtain testing kits. For further ( hair raising) information on the dangers of eating genetically engineered plants and their Round Up residues please visit 
Food Watch W.A.  
We aim to set up a donation button on this page in order to crowd fund for a test kit, which so far have only been obtainable  in large numbers with short expiry dates! Ridiculous!
Terry Redman, former leader of the gov and Minister for Agriculture, gave farmers the “choice” to grow GM canola ………and contaminate our state with a Monsanto owned patented seed . He said that GM was just another tool in the farmers toolbox. If you would like a "Biggest Tool In  Monsanto's  Tool Box  bumper sticker featuring Mr Redman, please add $2.00 to your seed order.

Merri Bee Organic Seed Catalogue

Orders through the contact page please! Or post a letter to Merri Bee Organic Farm, PO Box 337, Nannup 6275.  We can only send to anywhere in Australia, not O.S.
Cost is $3.50 per packet,  plus $7.50   postage and handling  (no matter how big the order). Hint, it is cheaper per packet to order lots of seeds.

Botanical name
Grain  Amaranthus

An annual plant that can be eaten raw or cooked and the seeds can be popped. High in vitamins and minerals. Both the amaranth plants make good high protein animal fodder. Easy to grow. Plant in Spring-Summer. (400 seeds/packet)
Amaranthus gangeticus
A nutritious vegie. Steam the whole plant, stem and all. Throw into any dish at the last minute of cooking. An annual plant growing to 1.5m. Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. (450 seeds/packet)
Mary Washington

Plant seeds in spring in a garden bed.
The following winter dig up these “one year old crowns” and transplant to permanent position in rich soil. Do not harvest delicious shoots until 3rd Spring: Cease picking mid November and let ferns develop to feed the root system.
Globe Imperial Star
Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus
Perennials that produce a delicious edible flower buds over a long season. Plant Autumn and Spring
Ocimum sp.
Widely used in Asian cooking with its anise-flavoured leaves. Produces a bushy plant, best grown in a warm, sunny location.
Basil, Sweet
Italian Genovese
Ocimum basilicum

Bean, Broad
Vicia faba
Sow late summer to winter. Heirloom, early, prolific beans. Tall plants with long pods. (20 seeds)
Beta vulgaris
Sow winter - autumn temperate climates, spring - autumn colder climates, all but wet season in tropical climates. High in vitamin C, folic acid and potassium. Can be steamed, boiled or grated and eaten raw in salads, try dressed with fresh orange juice. (120 seeds/packet)
Blue lake climbing bean
Phaseolus vulgaris
One of the best eating beans we have found. Green stringless round pods. Matures in 60 days, crops for many weeks. Climbs forever! Needs a tall trellis.
Vigna angularis
Ever so popular in Japanese cuisine, where it is cooked with sugar to create sweet dishes. Adzukis are a bush bean which fixes nitrogen. They can be left to mature a crop of high protein, small red beans. Good Chook fodder.
Lab lab
Dolicos lab lab
A rampant climber/ scrambler that fixes nitrogen very well and is drought tolerant. A great soil improver. Chooks enjoy the dried beans. Sown in late summer, you could transform a barren tract of land into a vegie garden. Frost will kill off the plant but in frost free areas whipper snip the vine off at ground level and plant seedlings into the resultant mulch in spring.

A super prolific bearer of long skinny beans that look like a green snake with a pink tail. If    not harvested daily they soon turn dry on the vine and provide you with abundant black beans for winter soups.
Mung and garbanzo ( chick peas)

Small green dried mung beans used for sprouts and chook food. Like many other pulses, seeds and brown rice, mungs are grown overseas and irradiated to enter Australia. Want nutrition from dried beans? Be self reliant or buy organic. Chick peas are a cool season crop.
Idyllwild Dwarf bean
Phaseolus vulgaris
Prolific bean of fine flavour. Matures earlier than climbing bean.
long pod
sow autumn. Egyptians live on these and bread. Soil improver too.
Brassica oleracea var capitata
Sow early spring to autumn, temperate & cold climates; most months in warmer climates. Sweet and tender, excellent in coleslaw, kimchee, sauerkraut or cooked.

Cabbage, Chinese
Pak Choi
Brassica Rapa
Sow Pak Choi seeds during late summer or early spring. If you plant it in late spring it is liable to bolt. Like coriander, it is best to plant going into shorter days. A classic in stir fries and used to make a popular Korean ferment called Kim Chi 
English or pot marigold
Calendula officinalis
An annual plant whose flower contains antiseptic . Just mush up the flower and apply to infected sores with a bandage. “Calendula extracts may have anti-viral, anti-genotoxic and anti-inflammatory properties.” Very bright golden attractive flowers will cheer you in winter. They will go on and on if you pick off the old flowers. Plant in autumn.
Fluro orange
Capsicum chinense
Heat about 8 in dry conditions. You have been warned. Plant seeds in August under glass, ( wash hands thoroughly afterwards and avoid inhaling dust and touching your sensitive parts, as chilli burns) , Transplant after danger of frost is passed. Chilli spray is effective in crop defence against elephants and other pests.

Capsicum annuum
A surprise packet of all sorts of delicious sweet capsicums and just a few hot chilis. sweet, fleshy little capsicums, high in vitamin C . Adds a piquant flavour to meals Great roasted and skinned to remove the lectins.
All season
Daucus carota var sativa
Chunky orange Carrots are 15cm long, with high yield. Delicious and nutritious


Ceratonia siliqua
The female carob tree bears great quantities of sweet chocolate favoured pods, with B vitamins. Good stock fodder. Make carob powder with a coffee grinder.
Honey locust

Gleditsia triacanthos
 Can be a thorny tree, but many seedlings are not. Nitrogen fixing and  vital light shade for stock and crops in summer. Deciduous, drought proof,and a source of stock fodder as sweet pods ripen over autumn months.  
Apium graveolens var dulce
Stringless variety well suited to the home gardener. Very hardy and can handle cold weather.
Matricaria chamomilla
This sweet  herb makes a relaxing herbal tea with proven nervine properties. Plant in spring and autumn in a sunny position. 
Allium tuberosum
Garlic flavoured chives, with edible leaves and flowers. 
Cheif Seattle
Zea Mays
Ever so pretty corn ( the pinky one pictured above) . A real surprise packet as to what colours you might get. Good for high protein chook food with those small size niblets on small size cobs. Usually 5 cobs per plant.
Pop corn

Ahh,  the smell of popping  organic popcorn. Popcorn and pesto. Lolly cobble blissbombs  OH yeah!
Aztec and Hopi Blue
Aztec pictured above
 Hopi, a navy blue edged with aqua, and the marigold colours of an Aztec sunset, these are almost too pretty to eat ....but corn is one of the most nutritious foods around with the right "nixtamalization" process.  Let it dry on the cob and later grind into corn meal for tortillas or polenta. 
Common Guava

Yellow tropical fruit with salmon coloured flesh which is very rich in Vitamin C and banana flavours.  Born in profusion on an attractive evergreen small tree. Frost tender.
Coriandrum sativum
Widely used herb - use leaves for asian cooking and fresh salads, use seeds for curries. Reported to help chelate mercury.  Annual plant to 50cm with small white flowers. Self-sowing. Plant in spring-summer in moist ground. Many medicinal uses. 
Crimson pink and white
Cosmos sulphureus
This flower blooms heavily until the first frost. It grows fast and lives for one year. Cosmos can grow up to 1 metre and it prefers average to dry soil. 

Popular medicinal and culinary herb traditionally served with fish. Soothes colic .Seeds can be also used for flavouring, aka dill pickled   cucumber and pumpernickel bread. Plant Autumn and Spring.
Sweet corn Golden Bantam
Zea Mayssaccharata var. rugosa
A wonderful sweet corn which often produces 2 cobs . Heavily composted and watered it may produce 3 tasty cobs with old fashioned corn flavour
Zea mays amylacea
Great fun field corn which occurs in an infinite variety of colours. Dry the cobs on the plant and make your own tortillas after nixtamilisation ( you can google that)
Cucumis sativus
Smooth skinned variety grown on a small bush. Picked at 20cm with great flavour and low acid. (40 seeds/packet)
Egg plant
black beauty and MAUVE
Solanum melongena
Plant in August under glass , transplant seedlings after danger of frost has passed. Called Brinjal in its native India, the egg plant will often live for 2 seasons given a mild winter.  These aubergines need no salting  to remove bitterness and are delicious when lightly steamed then fried in a small amount of olive oil.
Common flax or linseed
Linum usitatissimum
One of the super foods for human and animal alike. Easy to grow, harvest , thresh and winnow. Sow in Autumn and spring. Flimsy plant at first. Small Pale blue flowers turn into round seed heads
Florence, Romanesco
Foeniculum dulce
Produces white stems used in fresh salads, and as a cooking vegetable. Seeds taste like black jellybeans! Great in home made salami. Plant direct into ground from winter to autumn.

Brassica oleracea var acephala
A Mediterranean vegetable used like cabbage Rich in Vitamin A, folate and calcium. Plant in drained, sunny soil in late summer to autumn. Frost hardy. Frost sweetens flavour in fact  (150 seeds/packet)

Raisin tree

Hovenia dulcis
Is a hardy deciduous tree to grow in sunny positions on moist sandy or loamy soils. The fleshy fruit stalks are very sweet in late May /June, like raisins. The tree grows quite fast and provides hard wood for structural uses and fine furniture. As well as promoting fauna diversity, the tree is not antagonistic to other flora and assists in improving soil fertility through humification.[7]
Blue Beauty
Jacaranda mimosifolia
A deciduous light shade tree. In summer it is magnificently clothed in delightful blue violet flowers. Drought tolerant, N fixing.
Chinese date
Ziziphus zizyphus
Desert tree, deciduous with attractive shiny leaves, bears very sweet dry fruits in Autumn, looking very ornamental like small shiny red pears. Some cultivars may have small thorns

Gorgeously coloured  flowers on tall spikes .Pinks, purples and mauves
Lactuca Sativa
Our fave lettuce. Slow to bolt, slow to bitter. Keep it well watered for masses of cut and come again leaves
LAb Lab bean
Soil improving perennial scrambler

Brassica  Juncea
This is a Japanese type of 
mustard which has large savoyed maroon coloured leaves. WARNING! As hot as wasabi if you eat it raw. Cooked in stir fries they are tame. Great plant for disinfecting soil but may become a weed so collect seed or harvest before maturity
Tropaeolum majus
Sow spring, summer; autumn after frosts, temperate & subtropical. Edible flowers, high in Vit. C, believed to repel borers & aphids. Annual. (12 seeds/packet)
Cream gold
Allium fistulosum
Good keeping onion of strong flavour. Use one home grown onion instead of 3 artificially grown onions! 
Annual. Plant in Autumn in seed trays. ‘Plant seedlings in winter into well weeded and mulched soil. Matures around December. Harvest when tops are dried off and hopefully before the globes get sunburnt.
Perennial pasture seed 
Autumn and spring sowing mixes.Full 70 gm packets for $7.50A special mix of at least 17 great fodder species including perennial rye, cocksfoot, phalaris, fescue , kangaroo grass, prairie grass, 3  different lucernes, chicory, dandelion, serradellas , plantain major& minor, vetches, clovers etc.Spring mix includes cow pea,  buckwheat, and much more.
Onion, shallots
Japanese Bunching/Green Bunching
Allium cepa var. aggregatum
Perennial, can be propagated from offsets once established. Sow spring, autumn, winter. Suitable for temperate, subtropical & tropical zones. Mild, sweet spring onion without bulb. Best for stir fries and salads. (75 seeds/packet)
Petroselinum crispum
Parsley is a medicinal plant that is rich in iron and vitamins A,B and C. Sow parsley outdoors in early spring, however this plant can be grown in pots indoors. Seeds will germinate within 3-4 weeks. (550 seeds/packet)
Nellie Kelly
Passiflora edulis
The one we have grown for 26 years. Feed the soil, water the plant, protect from frost while young. Nowadays passions can’t handle the full fierce sun, so trellis on an east facing wall. Delicious purple fruit with yellow pulp. Divine!
Hollow Crown
Pastinaca sativa
Sow Parsnip seeds in sandy-loam soil from March to Mid-May. Start harvesting at the start of late autumn and the yield will continue until winter. Parsnip is a good source of vitamins and minerals, and tastes of coconut to me (300 seeds/packet)
Brocky sweet
Cucurbit moschata
Firm orange flesh. Grows well in warmer climates. Excellent flavour. (22 seeds/packet)
Pumpkin seeds
Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca,
Check out wonderful Wikipedia on the amazing properties of pumpkin seeds, from parasite cleanse to diachromatic oils….fascinating
Queensland Blue
Cucurbita maxima
Sow pumpkin seeds 20mm deep and must be positioned in full sun. To contain growth, pinch off the ends of the vine if more than 2 metres long and has   ample flowers. (16 seeds/packet)
French Breakfast
Raphanus sativus
Oval-shaped scarlet radish 7cm long with white tips. Resistant to cold and ready to eat in 4 weeks. Plant Autumn-Spring. (225 seeds/packet)
Salad or Aragula
Eruca sativa
A great peppery salad green leaf. Plant early spring or late summer. Ready to eat in 30 days. (550 seeds/packet)
Sesame Seed

grows like a snapdragon during frost free months. 
Spinach, English
Giant of Winter
Spinacia oleracea
Hardy with large glossy leaves. This leafy plant can be eaten cooked or raw. Plant in autumn-winter. (60 seeds/packet)
Silver beet

Red, yellow orange or white stems make this silver beet pretty enough to put in a vase. Nutritious plant, high in folate and magnesium. Should be cooked to neutralise oxylates
Giant Russian
Helianthus annus
A large yellow flower on a 2m tall stalk. Great for human and animal food. Vitamin E !! 
strawberry  and pineapple guava

Strawb guava has delicious small crimson aromatic fruits on an evergreen small tree. Pineapple or FEIJOA has delicious dark green oval fruits in Autumn too. Both fairly  drought resistant . 

Lycopersicon esculentum
A solid, juicy tomato of medium size. EARLY ripening. Produces great tomatoes but they do   require staking. 
Green grape
Lycopersicon esculentum
A tall vine tomato, producing many sweet and delicious cherry tomatoes. Excellent in salads and cooking. (70 seeds/packet)
Lycopersicon lycopersicum
Very popular tomato for the home garden. Large red tomatoes with great flavour. Usually requires staking. (60 seeds/packet)
Lycopersicon lycopersicum
Small cherry tomato in bunches with good   flavour. (60 seeds/packet)

Water Spinach
Kang Kong
Ipomea aquatica
Very nutritious leafy greens , grows in or near water during warmer months
Purple flowered N fixing annual self seeding autumn sown soil improver.

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